Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scarecrow tutorial. . .

Hey there, remember me?

Nope? Didn't think so.  I'm the one you can't see in the picture.

Have been a little "in absentia" here on the blog. . . 

I've been preparing for both the Fallow Field Farm Marketplace, held yesterday - what a lovely sale! - and for my daughter's Junior High PTA fundraiser Tag Sale (which moi just happens to be in charge of.  More on that another time).  

Add to that spending time with my sweet DH, the kiddos, the house (oops, haven't been doing much of that lately), the antique mall, and other assorted stuff, and the blog gets ignored.  

O  o  p  s .   .   .

So, to make up for it, I just gotta show you the scarecrows Jen and I made to prepare for Fallow Field Farm. . . and no, we didn't plan them to go together.  We didn't even talk to each other about our scarecrows ahead of time.

It just happened that way.

Kind of spooky, huh. . . .

So, here's my scarecrow tutorial:

Start with funky parts.

Add brains.

Invite them to a party.

Introduce them.

"Steampunkin, this is Dort."

"Dort, meet Steampunkin."

Ahhh, scarecrow love.

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