Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just one week 'til the flea. . .

The count is on. 

         Just under a week until the flea.       flea.o.logy that is. . . . 

                  It's our mid-summer flea, next Saturday, July 14th. 

                                       (Isn't that Bastille Day?  In France, that is.) 

It's time to get serious about getting ready.  Time to get all the goodies I've been collecting gathered, cleaned up, priced and packed up.  It's gonna take a while.  There's a LOT. 

It's just a bit exciting, to see it all come together for this little flea that's
become such a wonderful thing for so many. . . .

Here's just a few things I'm getting ready for the flea. . .

Got Flea Market Style? Pick one up for under the cover price!

(There's lots more.  I promise.)

See you next week @

f l e a . o . l o g y

a n t i q u e s   &   c r a f t s   f l e a   m a r k e t

3 0   d e a l e r s

l o v e l y   s h a d e d   y a r d   t o   s h o p   i n


s a t u r d a y   j u l y   1 4 t h

2 1 8   n .   m a i n   s t r e e t

p a y s o n

8 : 0 0 - 4 : 0 0


  1. Your pictures are always so stunning! Love them. Can't wait to shop all your awesome stuff!

  2. Hi Cathy, I have blogged about Flea-O-Logy. I hope you like it and that it will help your great flea market. I can't wait to come. I am bring my Aunt Colleen on Saturday. So excited! Can't wait to see you also. Hugs, Karie