Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lucky "13"

I've hit a milestone on my blog!

Time to celebrate!

It's a red-letter day!

Why, you ask?

Why, it's obvious, don't you think?

I now have 13 followers!

(BTW, thanks to you who follow me. . . it means a lot.)

The number 13 has always been good to me.  After all, I was born on the 13th.  So I've always had a little soft spot for the "unlucky" number.  It's been pretty good to me. . . .

My brother was also born on the 13th.  Back then I don't know if I considered that lucky.  He was a little brother, after all.  He's grown up okay though, and has some pretty good qualities.  He's an EMT and firefighter and helps a lot of people, including my mom, so I guess the kid turned out alright ( * wink * ).

I've started a little collection of "13's."  My parents got me my first one, eons ago.  It's a brass cow tag.  

Here's a few more from my collection. . .

Picked up these cuties on our recent "flea.o.logist's" trip to
Southern California at a delightful shop in Pasadena
called "Zinnia."  It's the store I want to open someday.
You can check out their blog here:

The "13" on one of my many scales.

(What IS it about scales, anyway?)


Cute little "13" tag I found on eBay that will
find it's way onto a necklace someday. . .

Darling vintage store-shelf price tag I picked up at the last
Acorn Antique Show.  Pictured on one of my "favorite finds,"
a Hoosier cabinet I bought from fellow flea.o.logist Jenn.

One of the clocks from my collection.
Set to 1:13 PM.
AKA 13:13.

Which is the time when our second son entered our world.

He was born on the 31st, a date with good numbers,
but just a little backward, methinks.

This would be me.

Born 3-

So thanks again to my original 13 followers.

(Not that more would be unlucky, though. . . )

You got me thinking about my favorite number.


  1. Kathy, I am looking forward to the Payson event. My Aunt Colleen told me about it, I am so excited. I am going to blog about it in the next day or two, so check my blog and see what I come up with. Hope to see you then. Karie