Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jenn & Cathie's fantastical Acorn Show adventure. . .

“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny. . . . "
                                                                            ~ Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

So began our day setting up for Acorn's Antique show last weekend. 

After being sick for a week and a half, I knew I couldn't manage my booth by myself, so I invited my dear friend and fellow flea.o.logist Jenn to share it with me, and, bless her heart, she accepted!  The forecast on set-up day was for rain, but we thought we had beat the odds since she drove up to my house to meet me in full sunshine. 

This is Jenn's truck loaded for our last
flea.o.logy, but looking very similar
to how it looked for the Acorn show!
It didn't take long for our good fortune to end, though, as sprinkles started and we knew that we'd better cover her pick-up truck load of treasures with a tarp for safe-keeping.  Ten minutes later our caravan left. . . Jenn and I in the lead, my son Joel behind (whose job was to make sure Jenn's load stayed safe), and my DH in the rear with our trailer load.  We had just barely made it onto the freeway when Joel called me to tell me that the tarp was flying helter skelter = stop #1 to fix the tarp.  Ten minutes to fix and we're on the road.

Back on our way, sprinkles turned to light rain.  Jenn and I are excited as we anticipate our first event together.  Oh yes, we've done flea.o.logy together. . . but this is the first time we've shared a booth.  We get to intertwine our treasures.  My buttons and her trim.  Her "raggedys" and my faucet handles.  What utter fun!  My phone rings again.  Joel again.  Jenn's treasures are getting wet again = stop #2.  Transfer Jenn's items that can get damaged by the rain into our Suburban.  Ten more minutes and we're on our way again.

This Acorn show is going to be great.  Jenn and I have our booth on a corner in the center of the exhibit hall.  Right next to us is our wonderful friend and head flea.o.logist Paula.  Next to her is Bruce, who has been a part of flea.o.logy since the beginning, long before it was called flea.o.logy.  Paula and Bruce have been partners at these antique shows for years and this is their first show in their own booths. . . it's their "trial separation."  Turned out, at the end of the show, that separating worked out fantastic for both of them, and - thank heavens - they're still on speaking terms (*wink*).  Two of our other flea.o.logists, Jennine and Noel, have booths at the show also. 

Fifteen more minutes down the road, it's Fred calling this time.  The tire on the trailer is smoking and he needs to pull off and get it replaced.  The good news is that the exit he chose had a tire store at it.  The bad news is that both tires need replacing.  Ouch!   That'll cut into our profits.  That stop set him back a half hour or so.  At least we could unload Jenn's truck while we waited for Fred to arrive. 

We arrive at the Weber County Fairgrounds a full hour late.  By that time we can't drive in close to our booth space, but at least we can drive in, which is better than hauling our items in from the parking lot in the rain.  I'm grateful that Joel's there to help us. . . his 20-year-old energy was just what the doctor ordered to get the job done quickly!  Thanks Joel!!

Jenn's amazing shoe-form lamp. . . .  She made
it to look like the ones found at Antropologie.
Isn't she incredibly talented?!

In an hour or so we're unloaded, and in a few more hours we have our pieces pretty much where they go.  Then there's the job of "styling."  Jenn and I both love to do this, but it takes us a while to do it so that it looks just right.  Jenn has to leave by 4:30 to be in Orem for a ballet.  "Drive safe, Jenn."  What a wonderful friend I have in her. . . .

After she leaves I decide that I don't like how the clothing rounder looks behind the dresser, so the OCD me completely rearranges the booth.  Good thing my DH is patient and incredibly kind. . . . . . . .  The headache I've had for two weeks is taking its toll and I'm working at a snail's pace. . . and it's 9:15 pm before I'm satisfied that each vintage treasure is in its "exactly right" spot.  But --- the booth is ready for opening in the morning.  What a great feeling! 

Will customers like our treasures? 

Will our treasures find new homes? 

Will ours be a "can't-miss" booth? 

Oh, how we love this fantastical antique show adventure. . . . .


  1. Lovely, Lovely Blog Post, and I love the reference to The Cat in the Hat ...

  2. Your booth looked amazing and I had no idea that you encountered such trouble on your way to the show! You poor girls! Lovely to see you both! xo

  3. My favorite booth at the show. I love the pretty feminine items.