Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Carded" buttons. . .

I'm in love with buttons.

As a child I would play with my grandma's buttons, safely stored away in the green Kathryn Beecher mints tin in her pink bathroom closet, high enough so that the grandkids couldn't reach them.  I spent a long time in the bathroom at grandma's house back then.

When Grandma died I inherited the button box.  Most of the buttons are still in there.  A few of them went on the back of my sweet daughter's blessing dress. 

Nowadays I collect vintage buttons myself.  Get them at yard sales, estate sales, from friends & aquaintances, and online.  It's always a thrill to buy some buttons, get them home, dump them out, and paw through them for an hour or two.

Recently I was going through some vintage carded buttons, and had some loose ones that had come off the cards, and some more that had never been on cards in the first place.  A friend mentioned that it might be a good idea to copy some of the vintage button cards and sew the loose buttons onto the copied cards.  I too, thought it was a good idea, but my printer wasn't working too good at the time, so when I got home I searched throughout the home to see if I could find something that would do the same job but without needing the use of the printer.

And. . . voila!  I came across these vintage children's playing cards that I found ages ago at an estate sale.  Perfect.  Just funky enough for the project. 

And here they are!  Some of them at least.  There are lots more at Treasures Antique Mall and I'll be taking some to flea.o.logy too. 

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