Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost time for flea.o.logy. . .

 It's been a long, looonngg winter. . . . . .  You know, I think the true definition of winter is "no yard sales, no flea markets, no street fairs, not much fun."  Well,  maybe there were a few good times, but yard sale/flea market season just makes everything more fun, don't you think?!   And - just a few more days 'til flea.o.logy, the much-awaited flea market at my friend P aula's Payson home.  We're up to 16 vendors now. . . be there this Saturday at 8:00 at Paula's, 218 Main Street on the Main Street into town, if you just hang a Louie off the exit into Payson you won't miss it, I promise.  Here's a few more photos of what I'll have there. . . hope to see you Saturday!

I've been "Sorry!" and dabbled at "Scrabble,"
but have you been big on "Dig?

Red. . . my favorite
vintage color!

Remember "Pink Elephants" from the movie Dumbo??

Pretty vintage dresses. . .

See you at 8 am sharp on Saturday!


  1. I'm hoping I can make it ~ I'll see you there Cathie! ~Stacy~

  2. What a fun and festive post about one of my favorite things!! (flea markets!!) I love the 'flea market' spelled out in game pieces. Just charming!! I can hardly wait to see your wonderful offerings!!