Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vain & Vintage

I have a new favorite store. 

Only problem is. . . its 162 miles away.

Not bad if you have the time and the gas money.
Totally worth the trip, too.
A wee bit far if your day is busy, though.

My DH and I took a little junking trip to Idaho last week and Pocatello was our ultimate destination. . . because I had read about this store on a blog.  Fell in love with it through the pictures shown on the blog.  It was "my kind of store" and I knew I would love it.  I was not disapointed.

Just one reason I love it. . . she displays her "smalls" in enamel pans and metal milk crates.  Like I do.  And she sells smalls, like I do.  Gotta love a shop owner who has great taste, like I do ( * wink * )

Vain & Vintage is located at 318 E. Center in Pocatello, Idaho.  Laura Hamilton is the lovely and friendly owner of the shop.  She's put together a a charming and interesting collection of vintage, retro, and antique goodies that will leave you wishing you had more money in your pocket. 

I came home with an amazing metal screen that I'm going to use for display in my booth at Treasures Antique Mall, some vintage flash cards, and a few bits and bobs to use in my junk jewelry.  I wanted to bring home the organizer shown above, along with a set of red suitcases,

                   and ________
                                      and ________

                                                         and _______,

                                                                               etc. etc.

I totally left the store wishing I had more in my budget. . .

Next time you're in Idaho, check out Vain & Vintage.

Next time you have a free day, check out Vain & Vintage.

Next time you need to clear your head and take a road trip. . . well, you know.

You'll love it.

      I promise. . . .

                                                                                              ~ c a T h i E


  1. Yep, she got me to stop by and check out the vintage goodness of this store ... it was a great experience!! Thanks for the heads up!