Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's project. . . organize the craft room! (Eek. . .)

My new year's resolution started about a month ago.

I figured I would need an early start since the project was mammoth size.

The task: organize my craft/sewing room.

Why so bad?  Because the 6-inch footpaths 
have taken a couple of years to create.

I love to put my button collection, and lots of other pretties, in jars.
That way everything is easy to spot.

Now, you only get to see "vignettes" of the room.

That's what my friend Jen calls them.
Little "snapshots" of what the whole thing looks like.

That's 'cause the whole room isn't ready yet.

But I am making progress.
Pat myself on the back for that. . . .

I love, love, love boxes!  Have had a collection of them
since I was a teenager.  Metal boxes are my favorite now.

Found the four-drawer cabinet above when Fred and I went junking in Idaho last spring.

Got it for a song, had Hot Wheels stickers all over it when we first met it.
The stickers came off, and now it's a lovely home to jewelry parts.

The little red metal tote first belonged to Jen, who sold it to Bruce, who sold it to me.
I was with Jen when she bought it, and would have bought it if she hadn't seen it first.
Sometimes junking just isn't fair. . . 
(But ~ I still love her!)

More "pretties" in jars along with my sweet puppet 
I picked up at flea.o.logy last September.

These jars hold thread on wood spools,
vintage sewing trim,
and wood beads.

I just love how ordinary objects look 


when you put them in glass!

More pictures of my room another day. . . .

BTW, are you coming to flea.o.logy?

Saturday, January 19th
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
check out for more info

I'll be there with loads of wonderful pretties and goodies!



  1. I hear ya on those 6" footsteps and you forgot the 5' high piles! It's definitly one vignette at a time. You have some fun purchases.
    Mine big piles are now all gone and the room was totally emptied out. But it does need organizing...maybe in the spring!
    Just got christmas/fall piles out on New years day.

  2. @Just a bed of roses. . . sounds like we have similar issues lol! So good to hear from you. . . . I SO wish I lived closer to your shop so I could just zip by and check out your crazy low-priced deals each week. Sending you a great big hug! caThiE