Sunday, December 23, 2012

Isn't she lovely. . .

Sarah. . .

Origin: Hebrew.   
Meaning:  Princess.

In the Old Testament, 

Sarah was the wife of Abraham,

and the mother of Isaac.

Her name was first Sarai ("my princess"), 

which God changed to Sarah ("princess")

as her descendants were to be 

the future nation of Israel.

This is our Sarah. . . 
15 years old and 
most certainly a princess.

Pink hair and all.

She likes books, dogs, horses, friends. . .
and she is starting to notice boys.

She's learning to cook,
she plays tenor sax in the jazz band,
and she doesn't like to dress up.

Her room is purple and green.

She hates algebra and loves seminary.

She has an ever-growing collection of animal hats.

She loves to text her friends, 
talk with her friends, 
be with her friends.

She's a daddy's girl. . . .

even though 
she's growing up,

she's still our little princess.

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