Friday, December 2, 2011

Got junk?

I love junk.  I mean really love junk.  I told someone just the other day that my idea of a good time was poking around a hoarder's house.  I know, I know. . . I need to get out more.

But the great part about poking around in junk piles is the treasure you find.  Like a hinge.  Or an on-off plate.  Or a drawer handle.

Not much by themselves, but incredible when you put them together.  Which is what I've been doing lately, putting junk together to make jewelry.   Like the junk charm necklace here.   Kind of fun when the charms are bobbins and dog license tags and hooks from days-gone-by unmentionables. . . .

Recognize the main piece here? 

                                             A Victorian drawer pull. . . .

Got cake? 

Don't need milk with this kind. . . .

These necklaces and more like them will be on sale soon at the Beehive Bazaar and at Treasures Antique Mall. 

Got junk?