Friday, October 7, 2011

the sweet love story that became me. . .

Once upon a time. . .

. . . a pretty auburn-haired girl and a skinny short guy met in high school.  One day after they graduated, they ran into each other at the drive-in.  Over a burger their eyes met, and a little spark ignited.  After a while, they fell in love.  The auburn-haired girl's father didn't much like the skinny kid, even though he had grown a few inches by then.  So the girl and the boy snuck away one day, drove a few hours so they were just over the state line, and got married in Indiana since they were underage at home in Michigan.  There were no bridesmaids, or groomsmen. . . in fact finding a witness was a little tricky.  There was no photographer to record the event for eternity.  There was no honeymoon, since the girl and the boy had to get back home because the girl's parents thought she was at a friend's for an overnighter.   When they got back home they had to live apart for a few days, until the girl worked up her courage to tell her parents that she was married, and that she and the boy were one.

That was 60 years ago today.  My mom and dad started their sweet life together in Angola, Indiana on October 7, 1951.   They had nearly 44 (mostly) blissful years together before Dad left to go back to Heaven.  They adored each other.  He was tender and thoughtful to her. . . and she was devoted beyond measure to him.  Mom misses him. . . more than words can say. 

So happy anniversary, my wonderful parents. 

Thanks for showing me what marriage should be.


j o a n   &   k e n   c l a y t o n

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