Friday, June 10, 2011

Road Trip Warriors. . .

R  O  A  D    T  R  I  P  !

Thursday, June 2nd, 9:30 a.m.   Paula, Jen and Wendy arrive at my door, laden with bags and baskets, coolers and cookies, pillows and pocketbooks, maps and memories-yet-to-be-made.  We four are brimming with excitement as we stuff our stuff into the Suburban (and the trailer hitched up behind), on our way from Salt Lake to Spokane to the awesome/ incredible/legendary Farm Chicks show.  As we pull out of the driveway I hand the camera to my sweetheart so he can record our departure, but somehow the memory card never made it into its slot. . . hmmmm.  We'll have better luck with pics as we go.  "On the Road Again" sneaks its way into my head, although "again" is a little misleading as this is my first "girlfriend trip" in about 25 years.  Woo hoo, we're off!

(Cute picture above from the Girlfriends collection by Lisa's Altered Art,

In a few short hours we reach the Idaho border, and my girlfriends laugh at me as I pull over to record the moment.  They tell me it's illegal to stop.  Oh well, we had a good laugh as Paula held Idaho up for the world to see. 

We are grateful to be in Idaho because that means we get to check out some thrift and antique stores that we "scoped out" on the Internet before leaving Utah. Check out the "eye candy" we found at one such store. . . .

Pocatello proved to be a great city to thrift in. . . and photograph.  I fell in love with "vintage" feel of the city.  See for yourself. . . .

Paula had fun, too - being the "pathological picture taker" she is! 

Hmmm, how did she manage that shot??
That's Wendy on the left, Jen in the middle,
and Paula. . .

After dropping a few dollars in Pocatello, we make a stop in Shelley, Idaho, where Jen's sister lives. . . but there's no time for visiting now as we must stop at a shop she knew about which was a junker's paradise - except for the antique dealer prices.  (Besides, Jen just saw her sister the week before. . . sorry we didn't stop by for dinner, sis!)  Imagine my surprise when we drove right past Cox's Honey!  (See a few posts ago about my father-in-law.)  My sweet husband thought I bought the O.S. Cox door. . . gee, I would have had it had a price tag on it.  Too bad it was attached to the house!

A few more hours slip by and we cross into Montana. . . but we don't stop at the border this time, as we are bushed from a hard day's "work". . . .  We pull over for the night in Butte and rest up, as tomorrow will bring more thrifting, more driving, and. . . Spokane!  More about our trip in my next post - see you "in the morning. . . ."


  1. Dear Cathie ... you are such a wordsmith ... thanks for putting it all so nicely!!

  2. What a fun trip you guys! Illegal to stop...what's up with that? Never heard of it and if that's true...I've been pulling a million illegal stops between here and the Canadian border! Hahaha! (*_*) ~Stacy~

  3. How do you take such great photos with your....PHONE???? I know it is your amazing eye!!!!